Bit In Being Environmentally Conscious

I had to put in diligent and extensive R&D to soften the yarn, and do an enormous amount of on-the-ground work with master weavers to familiarise them with a yarn that was so different from anything they’d worked on.”Creations by Madhu Wholesale Poly Spandex fabric Jain at the Amazon India Fashion Week AW 2018Talking about the challenges of developing her new clothing line, she says, “The Bamboo-Silk Ikat textile — the first textile of its kind in the world —that I am showcasing on the ramp has taken me 15 nail-biting years to perfect. “I only use natural dyes and look towards shades that reflect nature, an integral part of our existence.”

She feels it is important for budding fashion designers to follow their heart. It’s also time that we started creating awareness around eco-friendly clothes. There are a wealth of other plant-based yarns that are being used by people all over the world.end-ofTags: madhu jain, eco-friendly, eco-fashion, amazon india fashion week 2018.”However, now she feels that she has developed the perfect textile. The clothing industry in the country, and globally as well, needs to do its bit in being environmentally conscious. “It is a textile that has the right tensile strength, the appropriate thread count that is responsive to being blended with silk.THE ASIAN AGE. Or banana fiber, which is being explored in India as well.

”The future is and indeed can only be eco-friendly and sustainable but for now comes at a cost not all can afford. Ensuring consistency from batch to batch was another challenge, as the quality of yarn fluctuated all the time. It’s also important to develop a good business head, to rack up sales,” she says. We should lead by example, which means that our production processes should leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. “Personally, I love bamboo. After all, connoisseurs are willing to spend more on a good wine rather than a middling one.

Tends To Shame The Survivors

The protesters expressed anger Wholesale Recycled Fabric against the silence of society and government on rapes and appealed people to join the movement and reach Central Park, Connaught Place at 9."Another protester, Jatin, had a placard that read I feel safe in these Boxers. This is not right.In a letter to DCW chief Swati Maliwal.

The IMA had said: "We strongly support the peoples movement Rape Roko launched by DCW chief to demand a robust criminal justice system which ensures cases of sexual crimes against women and children are tried by fast-track courts within six months and rapists of children are essentially accorded death penalty as a strong deterrent for others against such crimes". 

The volunteers marched from Mandi House to Central Park carrying boards and placards with slogans like "Her clothes are not short, your mentality is" and "What clothes was the eight-month-old baby wearing?" -- in a bid to challenge the mentality that tends to shame the survivors.end-ofTags: delhi, rape, delhi commission for women, men, boxers, march, viral and trending, protest, sloganeering

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